Womens Skirts

Womens Gothic Skirts collection from Violent Delights. This sought-after selection of statement skirts combines authentic cuts with sumptuous fabrics to ensure an authentic touch of Victorian or Regency glamour to any outfit. These glorious skirts will inspire you to channel an essentially esoteric feminine edge, as you choose from full length lines fit for Gothic, Victorian and Steampunk princesses, and shorter skirts that channel Military, Dystopian and Dieselpunk aesthetics into every fibre.

Be it soft and sumptuous velvets, ornate and elegant lace, dark and elaborate damasks or rough and ready leather, designs from the world’s most renowned Gothic womens clothing designers promise to ignite your inspiration - Punk Rave, Devil Fashion, RQBL, Pyon Pyon and Dark in Love infuse dark charm into every slice and stitch of their irresistible gothic skirts.