Punk Rave Ottensian Steampunk Lace Cuff Gloves - White

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Gorgeous new womens Steampunk style lace open-palm fingerless gloves/wrist cuffs by Punk Rave.
Crafted from pure white contrasting lace and fine mesh with embroidery, beads and frills to the outer cuffs and adjustable ribbon lacing at the inner wrist.
Supplied as a mis-matched pair, one glove is detailed with a custom vintage-inspired removable copper pin brooch, and the other is heavily embellished with an elaborate Victorian style 2-piece chained pendant brooch featuring a black stone and faux pearls, adjoining to a nautical star bronzed adjustable finger ring with 2 copper chains.
Adds the perfect finishing touch to any Steampunk or Vintage Gothic ensemble.
96% Polyamide - Supplied as a pair (2).

Sizing Information

ONE SIZE - Length Approx 6.5 Inches (17cm)