Mens Shirts & Tops

Mens Gothic Tops and Shirts from Violent Delights. The finest selection of statement tops is favoured by today’s discerning Victorian and Regency adept gentlemen; the most flamboyant dressers who seek to have their lavish taste admired at gothic gatherings, dark festivals and during LARP engagements. Dress with flair in our mens Gothic shirts, Steampunk shirts, Victorian and Regency Inspired shirts, and be tempted by iconic silhouettes and jet black poet shirts that evoke bodice-ripping reverie and opium-den melodrama.

Our statement collection also includes Dystopian tops and Dieselpunk shirts, replete with distressed detailing and apocalyptic inspiration. Showcasing the latest designs by some of the world’s most recognised gothic mens clothing designers, including Punk Rave, Devil Fashion, RQBL and Pentagramme. These gothic niche designers are experts in creating beautifully cut statement gothic tops and shirts for every occasion.