Regency & Aristocrat Womens

Womens Regency & Aristocrat Clothing at Violent Delights. Welcome to a Pandora’s box of Regency fashion 21st Century Regency Lady. Take your pick from a choice of the finest contemporary Regency reproduction finery for women, including regal Frock Jackets & Tailcoats, enchanting dresses & skirts and elegant shirts & blouses - all with essential attention to detail and crafted to only the most exacting standards.

An abundance of opulence and authenticity in the choice of luxurious fabrics and their figure-flattering cuts makes it easy for you to formulate outfits from our collections by Punk Rave, Devil Fashion, Pentagramme, Pyon Pyon, Dark in Love and RQBL, making them essential cornerstones of your Regency & Aristocratic clothing collection.