Dieselpunk Womens

Womens Dieselpunk Clothing at Violent Delights. Fans of the Armageddon aesthetic will love our assembly of post-apocalyptic fashion, designed by the world’s most prolific and imaginative Dieselpunk and Dystopian clothing, Punk Rave. Violent Delights stocks the largest range of Punk Rave’s prize collections, including Womens Dieselpunk Coats & Jackets, distressed tops, pants and leggings - all fit for the most discerning end-of-days LARP enthusiasts and die-hard gamers.

Heavily influenced by Final Fantasy, Assassins Creed, Sky Captain and Mad Max, this collection will inspire you to create your own unique, and stand-out ensemble at any event; gigs and festivals, conventions and clubs. On-stage and off, these diabolical designs will add a truly individual Post-apocalyptic look to your Dieselpunk or Dystopian wardrobe.