RQ-BL Womens

Red Queen’s Black Legion channel an authentic historical ether into every thread of their Womens Gothic and Steampunk clothing. Violent Delights is proud to offer this supreme selection of RQ-BL eccentricity, with Gothic styling to conjure visions of vampiric melodrama, and unique designs fit for the stage or life in front of the lens. Whether your gothic ensemble is intended for LARP events, alternative festivals or destined for the theatre, Red Queen’s Black Legion clothing assures a truly original look, brimming with dramatic presence.

Choose from Violent Delights' prize collection of RQ-BL clothing and accessories - from stunning Gothic Coats, Blouses and Skirts to jaw-dropping Shrugs, Necklaces and Gloves - and let these dreamy pieces make your visions of Victorian and Regency splendour a reality.