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Pentagramme Clothing is one of Europe’s leading designers of mens and womens Gothic & Steampunk clothing. The Pentagramme brand is synonymous with opulent, Aristocratic and Regency inspired regalia, earning this resplendent designer a loyal following of gothic purveyors. Pentagramme’s mens clothing provides today’s dandy with crisp tailoring and fine fabrics which include elaborate woven damasks and plush velvets, while Pentagramme’s womens clothing answers the sartorial prayers of the modern day Victorian lady and lovers of 19th Century silhouettes. The Faustian trend of Pentagramme clothing, with its classic lines and timeless jacquard weave has carved out its prime position as the epitome of mens Gothic and Steampunk wedding clothing. 

Violent Delights offers an exemplary service and is proud to have provided Gothic, Steampunk and Regency style waistcoats, jackets and trousers to the grooms of some the world’s most stylish alternative weddings, thanks to our sanguine partnership with Pentagramme clothing.